So evidently I unknowingly backed myself into a pretty serious corner that... I've struggled with sleep my whole life and have tried just about everything to help alleviate it. Really sucks b/c I deal with people all day and I have to be on my game. About 6 months ago a friend of mine suggested I try a few of his Klonopins he was perscribed to help since he wasn't using them anymore. I tried them and it was magic. I had never slept so well and woke up so refreshed. So he gave me the rest of his... I took one 2 mg pill just at night before bed and did not abuse them. So 2mg klonopin for about 6 months. I thought this drug is nothing serious no big deal and its making me much more productive in my life. Well after a while I started looking into the drug and realized how serious it could be if taken for a prolonged period. I decided to just stop taking it... cold turkey. I've never had an addictive personality and never been addicted to anything even remotely in my life. Big f'ing mistake. For 4 days it was literally hell on Earth and I had no idea why! My heart beat was out of this world, i couldn't talk to people without unbelievable selfconciousness, i woke up 5-6 times a night, it was like a 4 day panic attack. surely it wasn't the klonopin i must be sick or something. Then I read Dr. Ashton's manual and realized i was in water way deeper than i had thought. i then went to my gp and he perscribed 10 mg valium as i wanted to follow Dr. Ashton's taper schedule (or at least in concept, i wanted to taper quicker). Well i'm mid-schedule and I'm starting to struggle. Rapid heart beat (i've never noticed my heart more in my life), uncomfortable in social situations, i find myself constantly thinking about what i should say or do, very very self-concious in other words. I've always been a very confident and social person and this is miserable. I started my taper at 2 10mg valiums then gradually only once a night before bed (weekly) and i had been doing ok. Then worked down to where i am now 5 mg and i'm starting to get those same feelings again. I don't know what to do... should i increase and slow the taper down? should i try more than once a day? I just don't know what to do b/c its freking me the heck out and its starting to impact my job and my life. i've worked very hard to get where i am and i feel like i'm jeopordizing it all b/c of this dang drug. Any help would be so unbelievably appreciated or just some insight into what to expect? how long does this last? will i ever be normal again? I'm really scared and I need some advice from anyone who can relate. Benzos are the devil