Been suffering with going outside for quite sometime. As a teenager I was out every day had a great group of mates, to the beach through the day mates places through the night. Then feel pregnant at the age of 18 were my friends lost interest with me id stopped smoking and drinking became more responsible but became ill through pregnancy after this I started to feel nervous but still managed to go out and visit family go for evenings out had my second child and was ill again this time stayed in the hospital for a couple of months when I came back home I barely left the house was nervous all the time. after having my baby for a year I forced my self out at least twice a week. Then I had to have half my thyroid out sept 2010 and have been taking 50mg levothyroxine ever since. I now feel tired run down and my weight is all over the place after being a size 8 even after giving birth I always went back to my original figure I have always been able to eat as much as I want,i now struggle to maintain a 10. I thought this must be the reason low levels cause anxiety but dr says levels are fine and refused to continue to check them its now been around 8 months since last i only taking my kids to school or to the doctors, which are both 5 min away from the house every thing is done by internet when I get ready to leave the house I get cramps an upset stomach light headed I can't concentrate sweat like crazy sometimes I faint, so even the thought of going out makes me feel faint I went to the doctors several times each time she told me there is nothing she wil do for me with me only being 24 coming up 25 and I should go to an open minds clinic which wil help me but they are situated in the town center which for obvious reasons is extremly hard its at least a 20 min walk away with a 45 min appointment.if I do leave the house for any reason I am only out for 15 also gave me breathing techniques to try but already new them Ive fainted at the site of blood ever since I was a little girl and taught my self to breath through it.I've finally plucked up the courage to call open minds (feeling faint and sick and almost hanging up on them) they told me they only deal with mild cases and mine is a bit more extreme they said they would call me back but havn't heard from them.I would like some advice I am desperate I want to take my children for days out be able to spoil them and treat them. I feel like im never going to feel normal again no matter what I try and do