I was in a car accident the other day and am in considerable pain with no isurance. I very kind friend gave me two tablets that she said were for pain. She proclaimed that they were very strong and to only take one at a time. Well, friend or no friend I would not take anything without looking it up on pill identifier.com unless I got it from my pharmesist. When I got home and looked at them in the light I was shocked as I thought they looked like motrin. I have never seen anything so orange except motrin and they are medium large and although I never had morphine before I thought that they were very small. Instead they are bright orange and I cannot find any info on them any where. I REALLY need to know what these are as I have no insurance and am in considerable pain, however will not take them until I know 100 percent what they are. They are very very bright orange rather thick round pills. Only one side has an imprint and it reads 44 and underneath the 44 are the numbers 392. There is no imprint on the reverse side nor is there a divide for splitting. I was told it was morphine or something but I have always been able to find every pill Ive ever looked up on this sight and am at a lose that I can't find the identity here. Please help. I need to take the pills if they are identified as proper for my injuries from the car accident but at this point it has actually become more an issue of pride that I can't find it and it is going to drive me nuts until I can find out what they are. Please help as soon as possible. Thank you, diamondsandrust