LAMOTRIGINE 150 mg 1x daily 60 MG 1 tid
CYMBALTA 60Mg 1x daily
LORAZEPAM 1Mg 1 x daily
Keppra 250Mg 3x daily
Elivil 10 Mg 2x daily they are how do i find out what they are saying is not true.

Test results Flag Reference Range
ETG -151 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF 500 500
Amphetamine 2089 ng/ml Positive CUTOFF: 500
Benzodiazepine -9 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF: 200
Cannabinoids 1 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF: 50
Cocaine -42 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF: 150
Opiates - 7 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF: 300
Propoxyphene 60 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF: 300
Creatinine 454 mg/dl Normal Thresh hold 10
Methadone 53 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF: 150

im asking does the amount they say is in my system exceed the amount of my daily dosage i dont under stand .
and if you could tell me if there is a lab or web site i can go to .
so i can prove that i didnt exceed my dosage .

test result Flag Range
Amphetamine 2089 ng/ml Positive CUTOFF: 500 500

can any of the other meds i have listed made it go higher .