Mother was recently put into the ICU for 2 days and 3 days on the floor. She was put into the ICU for a high level of Co2. She has been on Xanax for depression for over 8 years now.

Some problems happened in the ICU where two patients died one after the other. When the news came around that one of the nurses who was the head nurse for one of those who had dead, left for a few hours to go to a bar, no nurse would sign off on the death certificate of the deceased. Mom was the only other patient in the ICU to witness all of the drama. Her male nurse got a wheelchair the following morning and rushed her onto the third floor. He told her "God will be with you and with me". Apparently the nurses had threatened him to sign the release and he would not.

As soon as my mother was on the floor, the ICU nurses (WHY were they on the third floor?) gave her an IV of Geodon. My mother has been on Xanax and there was NO reason to give her an antipsychotic. I went to the nurse's desk and informed them of my mother hallucinating, believing there was a nurse on the floor with a gun. She told my sister to get her grandson off of the floor that the police were hunting for the nurse with the gun and so on and so forth. My mother was out of her mind!

She was released a day and a half later and has not had a breakdown SINCE. This is because she is not taking that medication.

We're actually considering a lawsuit over this. It caused my mother extreme anguish and four nights of no sleep, let alone them not changing her bed sheets for three days.

My question is why was my mother put on an antipsychotic like Geodon when she has had no symptoms that called for something that is prescribed for those will bipolar or schitzophrenia, unless there was something those ICU nurses didn't want shared with anyone else