... which I knew right away was to much to 2 mg now. I was on oxyCODONE ( not contin) 80-120 for about almost 2 years after 7 surg in two years. I really wanted to just quit. and tried but dr scared me TO DEATH about WD. He agreed to ref me to someone to put me on suboxone if I really wanted to stop taking the oxycodone 15mgHCL. She does not even know I have came down this much this fast ( the sub Dr.) she said a YEAR I should be on these.. NO WAY. You seem to be the BEST at this and I would love your help more then you know. I have read a lot of your post and see you do this simply out of the goodness of your heart which I think is amazing. You help SO many and ask for nothing in return. You are making this world a better place little bit by little bit. Quick run down.. 7 surg, 2 years started at perc 5/325 increased to 10/325 increased to 15mg HCl .. I decided I wanted to come off.. he suggested I would be on this pain med forever... I am NOT a med taker so as soon as I could I wanted to come off. For me it is not mental.. just pgysical... I have an incredibly fast paced life.. dont have much time for down time and sure do not have WEEKS to be at home in bed. I am tough so i can handle discomfort as long as I can function... I know I will have to face the reality of it... I am ready... just want to make it as smooth as possible.. I REALLY do not want all these horrible wd I hear about... I am petrified. PLEASE if you could help me .. PLEASE! I actually tried to contact you in Jan when I was trying to come off the oxys by myself ... I weined down all he way to 5 mg a day which is when my dr. switched me to subs. Thank you for eveourything you do. Sincerly with GREAT hope you can help me.. for me, my daughter and my LIFE!