I am prescribed 120mg of Opana ER 3 times a day. And also Roxicodone 30mg tabs. 5 per day as needed for pain. I have been on this dose for over 2 years now. I feel like my body has gotten used to it. It doesnt help all that much, till I run low, then I realize I need it for the pain of my back, and the pain associated with getting low on medication/withdrawal symptoms. I want to break this cycle, without getting into it with the Doctor, he is very c*ck, no bedside manners at all. I do always run low on my meds per month, due to overuse, and end up feeling like hell till Im replentished. I want to try top taper off of this. I have beaten street drugs before, for 15 years sober, same with alcohol. I dont touch either of those. But this is due to a bad injury/surgery. I need to break this. I wanted some advice on tapering off. Im already low on my months supply of these pills. How could I cut down my dose, and still deal with functioning daily for my kids??? I neeed to care for them, especially since they are out of school for summer. Please help me? I take alot of vitamins already. Thanks in Advance... BTW..I do have Valium 10mg tablets for my anxiety disorder... I am allowed 5 per day, my script... but I only take 2.5 tablets instead of all 5, so Im well ahead on my Valium, 10 mg tabs.