I have been using percocet for eight months about 4 to 5 days a week I use about 60-70 mgs. I am not prescribed, but a friend was and had given me some and now im hooked. how can i stop and do i need a detox center. i don't want to go to one as only one person knows my situation and i dont want to lose my job. please help thank you so much I guess I am supossed to write some more as it says my question is too short. Well, I think my problem is more psychological as i feel so anxious when i run out of pills and i think if i dont have any, i will have a really serious problem physically with fatal consequences. I heard people say if you stop cold turkey, that you could have severe seizures and possibly die. I am so scared and not sure what to do at this point. I have never used drugs, except for a few times when i was in my early 20s(pot, cocaine) never got hooked. Now I am 38 years old and ruining my life on these pills. Again any advice would be much appreciated. Sincerely, Elle