Have been taking so many different medications from my gp to help me with chilaiditis syndrome that was dignosed in July, last year my mother died, and father in law from cancer and now take full care of my dad ( who i live in his house) that cant defend for him self and just sits about in his arm chair and dos,nt move all day, my 12 year old daughter that cant be bothered and my partner works away 4 days out of 7 and couldnt care less about me and keeps telling me to pull myself together and theres nothing to be stressed about.. over the last three days and nights my body is so stressed and i really feel crap not only with being a guineapig with medication vomitting, diaherra, constipation, not sleeping properly, have just relised that most of my vomitting, gas in stomach started at the same time i came off amitriptyline, and beginning to wonder if my symptoms would be less worse i came off cold turkey because i was having panic attacks, hot sweats at night been taking for two years 2 x 5mg at night but now i really need to talk to my gp to get something else to calm my stress down, but really scared that the side affects will start again, tryed taking herbal quitelife which have helped me over the last two weeks but like i said over the last three days/ nights just dont feel right.Any ideas what antidepressant has less side effects that i can discuss using before i ring gp?