I am in a LVN program and have a drug test soon for my hospital/long term care facility placement. I am on methadone maintenance and have been for 7 yrs. I have been clean for 7 yrs and started on 40mg, now I'm on 10mg/day. The drug test is a ten panel and I know it will show up, (b/c they do a 10 panel at the clinic and I test pos for methadone there). I know some people don't show up when on this low of a dose, but I do. I have a prescription, get takehomes and have records of clean tests. I have to do a drug test at the human resources office (by a nurse) at the hospital. The hosp is the one testings, so of course they will find out about my methadone status. I have done research on this topic and talked to the dr. at my clinic. The info varies, but a good amt says I CANNOT use methadone while being an lvn, working at the hosp/ltc facility. I have worked soo hard for this, my wife works ot to pay bills, take care of kids, so i can go to school, (b/c i can only work pt). She is going to kill me if i dont pass this and i am going to be crushed, my dream is to cont school to become an rn. This is our plan, and I am detoxing right now, so I can be free from methadone, but I won't be detoxed by the time of my test. I thought about doing the not taking rx for 3 days, but i have to go to school and wont be able to do it if im sick. I am almost positive that the hosp has a clause about "impaired medical provider", and of course everyone knows the stigma attached to taking methadone. And I talked to the clinic and they cannot give a ltr stating im on it for pain mgmt, they would have to give a ltr. stating im on maintenance. Please, somebody help me!!! Anyone work in hosp setting and know the protocol for this situation? Thank you for any tips and advice.