Ive been on methadone for around 18 months starting on 90mg and have now reduced to 8mg for which ive been on for about a month, I have tried to reduce to a 7mg and stuck it out for about 8 days but never felt very good so increased back to 8mg. Ive arranged to get subutex from my clinc on tues at 4.30 and they advised me to have my last dose of meth sun night which means going 48hrs (no Chance) anyway taken my dose at 7pm (sun) I know from looking at the cows guide im going to get to 26-30 points in around 30 hrs based on personal experiance so could some one advise me if I should take another 8 mg at around 10 am tomorrow i.e 30 hrs before my appointment or should I take a smaller dose i.e 8mg / 24hrs x 15hrs = 5mg (Please could someone tell me if this would work) I just don't want to suffer anymore than i need to..