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Help... need support in a relationship with an addict and now using just to cope?

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gretchanna 24 Nov 2010

So you are in a relationship with an addict and you also use but want to quit? Do you have insurance?

christineATU 29 Nov 2010

Hi Molly. It sounds like you're in a tough spot right now. I think the relationship needs to be a strong one if you 2 are going to get through this. But you can not help him if you are using just to cope now. You MUST help yourself first. What good is happening in this relationship if you're both trying to manage by getting high? If you allow yourself to get dragged in to his addictions, how will you be able to help him? You need so much support right now. Do you have family willing to help? Friends? Anyone you could turn to and help you get off the dope? If you do have insurance like the first answerer asked, they usually have an addiction/ drug abuse hotline on the back of the card. If you could also talk with your doctor about this, he/she may recommend starting a suboxone treatment plan. But you need to help yourself first Molly. If you don't, you will be stuck in this addiction with him.

Sacosam 29 Nov 2010

Hi SIS: You just passed on some "TOP DRAWER INFO"! What you're describing is the same thing My Mother did (She drank with Him) and got the hell beat out of Her every other night (all 4ft. 11in. of her) , thinking in some twisted way that she was helping him. Believe Me "Drugs - Booze , Samo - Samo... "dear heart"! "YOU LISTEN TO CHRISTINE ATU, and She WILL help you... and my wonderful Sister, If YOU need help, i'm here, and i'm familiar with that road , but from the booze side of the fence, Sacosam

htwooh 29 Nov 2010

You need support for the relationship or support for you? Either way My only advice to you would be to get out of the relationship and go into recovery yourself if your addict does not want to get into recovery with you. You are not here to help him, nor is it good for you to even"think" you could help him, especially if you are now using. Look what happened - you had to use to cope. Please save yourself and get better by getting into rrecovery. Good Luck honey free discount card

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