I am on day 6 of taking Suboxone . I am on it because of being addicted to loritabs. I was taking 9 or 10 7.5 's a day.(would have been more if i had them) The clinic told me i would think the suboxone's were great , but so far not so much. Yes i don't feel as bad as going cold turkey , BUT i'm not feeling great either. I have had problems with my vision, and everything seems to be to loud, i'm not sleeping much at all, and i do feel high , very high and not in a good way. They put me on 3/8mg-2mg a day and said i would probably be on them for 6 months. Does this sound right ? And have any of you all these side effects ?
Thanks in advance for any help and thanks to all of you who have been helping me! Just still don't know what to do!