I had met my boyfriend on the internet 8 months ago but he was friends with some people I know. I had lost my boyfriend of 15yrs 4yrs earlier to a heart attack. I Was kinda ready to open myself up again. Well we met and things were great. He told me he was on methadone and has hep c. Of course it wasn't right away. I cried since my brother was also an addict and had just finished treatment for hep c. My brother is doing well thank god. Well the BF after a month lost his job. Since I wouldn't pay for the clinic he kicked methadone. It was hard and I was also off my meds for depression. He relapsed once in 4 months. He had been on it for 5yrs and used before he met me. He started when he was 15 he is now 28. he started going to a dr got put on lithium,paxil,welburtin and colnapin.I got back on my meds He was still smoking pot which I also smoked I thought it was better than heroin.I also sometimes take zanax for anxity and perks for pain I have stage 4 endo I would hide my pills from him. He never lied to me. The whole time he was not working and I would pay for everything. He said he was looking but just put in apps and never follow through. Well about 2wks ago he tells me he is using again.The same day he got a call he found a job. I was beside myself. Before this I found out that while useing my car to look for a job while I was at work he was getting drugs. I did nag him to get a job since I was runing up credit cards and everything else. I do have my own problems with my family and he would say he couldn't deal with it. We would fight breakup then b back in a day or two. I aked him to goto meetings and goto detox he said no to both. He was gonna do it his way. He had been to many rehabs and was even clean for a yr once. I tried helping by giving him things so he wouldn't get sick.One day I said he couldn't use my car and he flipped out took my keys and left to get it. He can be a monster when he's sick. Yesterday I was suppose to pick him up to goto work. Called no answer then called his mom he was gone. Finally he picked up the phone and said he couldn't talk and didn't need a ride. I called his mom and she said he said he was going for bloodwork and something else but she couldn't say because he didn't want to worry me.His parents have no idea what is going on. I picked him up from work went in the house he was already in his room said hello to everyone and went to the bathroom. Went into his room and I couldn't find him. He was in the other bathroom. I looked where he kept his needles gone! So I just left. I called his mom and said I was sorry for not saying goodbye. He called and I wouldn't pick up the phone. The first two messages were kinda where are you honey. He called about 15 times finally he got nasty. Calling me all kinds of names telling me I would never find a man that loves me as much as he does. I replied with I know what u are doing. He said he threw everything away and I was scum for leaving while he was trying to kick. Finally he told me "your dead to me". I love him so much and I would move the earth for him but I can't enable him. I don't know what to do I don't wanna bury another love of my life. I am having sx next wk and he was gonna take me. Not now. I don't wanna lose him. I just don't know what to do. I even sent him a message saying I could drop off a pill today so he wouldn't b sick. God help me and him. What do I do?