My boyfriend and i started dating 6 months ago and we have been trying to have sex since the beginning of our relationship but we have not been able to. this makes me think that its me but he says it isn't but i can't seem to shake those feelings at times and i would like to believe him as this is a new relationship it hurts that much more but i also try to understand. I am on meth too and have not lost sex drive at all, he was at 225mg and has dropped to 180mg this makes him able to have an erection now but it doesn't stay and he can't have an orgasm, even when he tries to masturbate.i've tried everything from talking dirty to dressing up and still he doesn't stay erect enough to have intercourse with me.
I don't know what to do anymore, i want to have a sex life but i also want to support him and the fact that he is getting off drugs. i think it hurts the most because it is a new relationship and we haven't been able to express our sexual feelings towards one another and it is frustrating how should i handle this and what can we do??? is there anyone else in this similar situation??can someone please offer me some insight please!!!