I just joined a local pain clinic and they have very strict rules, including bringing in your medication to your office visit that is supposed to be unused - which I always have a problem with. The medication is prescribed for my chronic pain in my neck/shoulders/sciatica and lower lumbar pain as well, and is not enough for me to have good quality of life and I have already "overtaken" what I am alotted / per day. still have some left, but just enough to take one every 8 hours and then I will have to cut down to one every 12 hours for 3 days before my next office visit. The clinic doesn't have a very high tolerance for this, so I am scared to call them and tell them that I need a different type of drug or more of the same. I am currently prescribd 4 10mg/325 Oxycodone's / day, but I really need 6 /day to make it. I am starting a new job this monday and I am scared to death. Should I call the clinic and tell them the deal? I am scared they will kick me out!

I am really scared of all of this. I am scared that this is not enough to help my pain. I am scared of withdrawal. I feel guilty all the time for having to take the pain meds as my immediate family is not supportive - my husband is, but not my parents. I have a 15 month old baby that needs me and I am trying to hang in there, but I am having a lot of trouble mentally, AND physically. I need a friend. A real friend to help me get through this on here. I am new and I need some sort of a person to see me through this. Is anyone interested? Please?