Hello I am 21 yrs old I have been taking percocet 10/325 for a long time but never felt like they interfered in my life. I would take them for 2 weeks straight and go 2 weeks without out and not feeling like I need them until oxycodone30 mg came into my life I was taking 1 a day for about 2 months straight just to get that "high" until one a day was not enough then went on to 2 a day for a while and now 3 a day for about 3 months and the ****** up part is I haven't been eating them but have been crushing and sniffing them I feel so disguised with my self and have been wanting to stop for a while I don't do them to get high anymore but to feel normal I can't anything normal without being on them , I don't no what it is to be clean anymore I work everyday as a barber which is a sociable job and when I am not on them I am not sociable at all my stomach hurts I can't sleep can't even eat while not on them I am really sick and want my normal life back I can't do detox cause if my boss finds out I have been on them and need detox I'm screwed out of a job . there are messing my financial situation they go for 20$ a pill on the street were I'm from 60$ a day up my nose .it is very hard because everyone of my friends are on them and don't even think about stoping and really getting sick of my friends and these things I really want to stop so bad I cry to myself sometimes I feel like a junkie. I have a few suboxone someone gave to me everynight I say I'm going to start the subs the next morning but when the next morning comes I'm on the phone looking for them again it controls the whole way I think when I'm on them I feel depressed about doing it but when I don't have anything I don't think this is an opportunity to stop please I really need help. Real advice don't respond if your just going to say take the subs so please if anyone was in the same situation and stopped please help me thank you I really hope by posting this will help me thank you very much