... 180 mg demorol, 25 somas a day and a hand full of norks to boot. My meds let me act like a functuning person on a daily basis. But the soma when im out I'm in pure hell. I have a tropical retreat in june and if I dont get either off these meds I will not be on the boat for most of the trip. The other meds dont do ANYTHING for me anymore and the soma is a night to rest peacfully. last night I went without. I THREW UP MY SOUL TO SPEAK OF NOT A WINK OF SLEEP. sory for the caps. how can I get taped down to get off this hell ride. I need this for my family friends and a diecent job. I can almost make it I did for 4 months at a frindly retreat In the Las Vegas mountans by choice and went from alc to pain pills to live this life. thank you R.s