I just switched from Suboxone to Buprenorphine about a week ago. The day i got my script for 40 8mg bupe's, I could only afford to fill 20 at Wal-mart. I called today to have the rest refilled and they told me I needed to wait until the 17th!! I am leaving on wednesday to go to Ireland for 15 days. I used to get my Suboxone filled at King Soopers grocery store and break up the prescription: 8 pills the first day, then 10 or 12 the next... It was never a problem. Why are they denying me now? Whats the difference if I got the whole script filled at once or I break it up? The pharmacist said I need to call my doctor and have her call in the remaining 20 in order to get it filled today or tomorrow! What is going on!!!