I started to have painful tingling in my hands and/or feet a few weeks ago( started to notice and log this 10.10.09) very sudden but randomly. it was not frequent enough to cause any change in my life. it then caused me to wake in excruciating pain (10.24.09). It the started to happen every 2 hours and lasts from 30 seconds to an hour. as of (10.26.09) I am having the oddest symptoms and my doctors are stumped and i think they just don't care they just dope me up and send me away. I am a mother of 3 and a special ed teacher. I can't even remember my own name half the time. my symptoms are :
*cold hands and feet but body is normal temp yet i am sweating but no fever
*headache not a migraine not a normal headache starts in back of head moves towards top like brain is swollen and someone is jack hammering on it this is a consent feeling just sometimes top/back
*electric shooting pain down calf to feet
*electric shooting pain down forearm to hands
*back pain near kidneys
*loss of bladder control 4x (10.29.09)
*trouble starting a stream
*hypersensitive feet
*memory loss sometimes it is recent events sometimes past events, important information (phone #, way home, my son at school, my DOB)
*lose train of thought or loss of words forget what i was talking about or that i was even having a conversation with anyone
*weight loss (24 pounds in 15 days)
*chest pain like something is suck in between my breasts
*trouble breathing when i lay down
*itchy/swollen tongue
*odd not gross not metallic just odd taste in my mouth
* white thick film in my mouth
*nothing taste good everything is bitter even things i love to eat i no longer love i can't eat.
* cravings for ice
I have had recent head injuries concussion (06.12.09 ) and a concussion, trauma to my chest wall and chest plate and rib bruising and fractures (october of 08)
I had a CT on 10.26.09 came back negative
had extensive blood work done 10.29.09 most came back o.k. i am still waiting on results for some. I have an MRI Friday 11.06.09. I am so confused my family is suffering, I am suffering, I can't work , I can't eat, I can't sleep, I just can't can't take anymore.
I am currently taking
Topamax: started 10.19.09 1 50mg at night for 1 week Then 1 50mg in morning and 1 50mg for at night 1 week. I am currently at 100mg 1 50mg in the morning and 1 50mg at night.
Darvocet: started 10.30.09 1 to 2 100mg every 4 hours for pain
Neurontin: started 10.27.09 1 300mg at night for 3 nights then 1 300mg in the morning and 1 300mg at night for 3 days then 1 300mg 3x daily

I am still in pain. I still can't sleep. I kinda have my appetite back. Food still taste gross and I feel like I am a dope feen. can someone please HELP!!! anything... feedback, stories, a shoulder, a point in the right direction, i'll take whatever i can get at this point.