Does anyone know where I can get help with a pediatric question my daughter gave birth 2-9-10 and her 18 month old litter girl is not taking this well to say the least. The family is sequestered in one room with her and another room or even upstair or downstairs with the baby. It the baby so much as let out a little cry the my grand daughter has a major melt down hysterical crying for an hour or more now her hysteria is causing the newborn to respond to her tantrums. I know it is normal for some reaction like this sometimes but this is nothing like anyone has ever seen we are all having a melt down trying to deal with the and give both babies the Bonding that the baby needs and the attention the 18month old is having anybody who knows where we can turn for help let me know We Are DESPERATE I have a call into the pediatrician but I would also like input from anyone who thinks they can help PLEASE ANYTHING YOU CAN GIVE IS APPRECIATED