Where do I start? ... Well, my 33 y/o husband has 2 bulging discs in his lower back that have caused him so much pain that he has been unable to walk at many points within the past 4 years... He initially began going to his PCP 3 years ago to get Percocet 10/325 ... after about two years of him going to his PCP, he was referred to a Pain Management doctor for the past year, who started him off with 120 Oxycontin AND 120 10/325 Percocet a month... Then, within the last 2 months switched him to 30mg Roxicodone to take 3 to 4 a day, then a month later bumped it to 4 to 5 a day. My husband said he didn't feel a true 'high' from the Roxicodone like he defiantly could with the Oxy & Percs... So on his last appt with his doctor on Thursday, he said he sometimes felt like 5 a day wasn't enough for the pain from those 2 bulging discs (yes, he does need to eventually have surgery, but now isn't an ideal time due to his work situation)... Anyhow, once he told the doc that 5 a day didn't help relieve his pain, he said the doc flat out said he must be addicted to this medicine & now wants him to take 8mg Suboxone 2 times a day. (((this has scarred the crap out of him.)))

Okay, so here's where my questions & concerns come in to play... He wasn't told exactly when to take the medicine -- like I have read on many websites that one should detox at least 2 or 3 days before beginning Suboxone so that they should go into W/D from the pain meds first -- WELL, before I could tell him what I read, he took his 1st 8mg pill within 24 hours of taking his last Roxxy... Is this bad?? What will happen?? Will he go into an even worse W/D? I have read many crazy stories online & I'm in freak-out-mode...

* Does anyone have any suggestions for me to give him to make this an easier process?
* Can he take an Ambien to help with sleep?
* Should the doc prescribe something like Xanax or Valium to help with symptoms of anxiety (he doesn't have that at this point, but I read of other people saying they had all this awful side effects!!) ... I just want to know how to maker this transition easier for him...
* Will Suboxone help with his bulging disc pain?? Could that mean he will be on this forever?
* What other symptoms do people to through?

Thanks to anyone to help guide us through this time... :S