I am a 34 year old female. I have been taking Percocet 8-10 325/5mg a day for back pain for a year. I decided to stop using Percocet with the "help" of Suboxone Therapy. I went to a doctor last Thursday and she started me on 12 mg. of Suboxone a day. I went into full W/D symptoms after 15 hours and started the Suboxone. It was great the first 12 hours because I had been thru W/D before from Cocaine (In-patient Rehab for one month) in 1998 and have been clean since last year. So the Suboxone definitely kept me from having to go thru horrible physical withdrawal, but after 2 days of 12 mg a day (every 8 hours) everything changed. I started having sweating, high levels of anxiety (never had this), extreme depression, can't do anything but sleep and that is constantly interrupted by running sensation and tremors. It has made me a mess! Went back to the doctor today and she changed me to Subutex and added Klonoprin. I took a dose of Subutex and I am just out of it again and I sure don't want to add the Klonoprin (my goal is to get off of the drugs, not keep adding them). I wanted to just quit the Suboxone or Subutex altogether, but I am scared to death to do that. I have read Robert's Tapering program and wondered if I should start tapering immediately or not take any more of this stuff because my body is not reacting well at all to it. I never really got any relief except the first few hours of taking it. I am open to any help!!