... I am searching for help for my husband, without his knowledge. His percocet addiction started about a year ago, strictly recreational. I had my suspicions but was kept in the dark until I finally discovered some in his drawer and confronted him. He admitted to having a problem and said he was ashamed of it and hadn't told me for fear I would think he was a "pill junkie". Since then I have caught him in several lies about money, he has put us into debt and completely eliminated our savings account. We are behind on several bills and have had our cell phones turned off twice in the last month, I have never before been late on bills! Right befor our second child was born, 3 months ago, he went a week with some intense withdrawals and then decided to go on soboxens, that he gets off the streets! Though I am happy that he is trying to get better I feel as if the subs are now just as much an issue. He still lies about getting them and is continuing to put us further into debt by getting them. I also learned by going through his texts that he resently slipped up and got percs because he couldn't find any subs! I don't trust him at all anymore in regards to money and am starting to become suspicious of the relation ship he may have with the girl he gets his subs and percs from! I don't know what do to, I'm not ready to threaten divorce as it is not something I am ready to follow through with however this is not the life I signed up for nor the life I want for our children! I would truely appreciate any advice and insight any of you may have!