I am here to hopefully find support as I attempt to stop taking opiates. I have been using vicodin and anything similar that I can get my hands on for a few years now. I get prescriptions for Lortab from my orthopedic surgeon, but there are plenty of other drugs that help soothe my cravings, such as darvocet, percocet, morphine, dilaudid, etc. I also like to have benzodiazepines around as I do suffer from anxiety pretty significantly, plus I think they are helpful I've tried to detox on my own in the past. However, my tolerance for benzos is VERY high, and I need pretty large doses to achieve a good level of comfort, and that is becoming a problem as well, since doctors simply don't want to prescribe that much of anything to you.

So, I want to start suboxone treatment to tackle the opiate addiction, which is the main problem I'm facing. Right now I'm not having any luck locating a prescribing doctor or clinic in my area. Also, it is important that whichever doctor or clinic I find accepts medicaid, and that the medication is also covered. I can't afford to pay for suboxone out of pocket, unfortunately, and I can't wait however long it would take me to save up. This problem has to be addressed in the very near future.

I live in the Lansing, Michigan area. If there is anyone out there who can help me locate a doctor, I would be so appreciative. Also, I am looking for people in similar situations to talk to regularly on here for support. I'd like to also find an NA meeting that is populated with people who aren't judgmental or disapproving of suboxone therapy, which I know some groups are. Any info you all can send my direction is fantastic! Thanks ahead of time, and I look forward to making some connections here.