In South Carolina, you cannot get on Medicaid unless a certain age or pregnant. My husband is out of the Army now, so I just lost Tricare. I was under a pain management plan in Georgia, and was doing quite well with my pain. I was on the Butrans patch, 20 mg, plus 7.5 mg hydrocodone for breakthru pain, as well as had a TENS unit, and was undergoing a series of injections. I have three bulging discs, two of which I can literally feel pushing on other vertabra. The pain is so debilitating, and my husband is really no support and says its all in my head. I am considering a trip to the local ER just to try for a script because I've been off my meds since February, and I can't take it anymore. Don't know where to turn or what to do! I just know I cannot live in this much pain anymore. Without insurance, where do I turn for help?!