I have had a difficult time finding a good doctor who will treat my pain. I'm suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I see a rheumatologist and she says "we treat the source of ur pain, not the pain itself"! My pcp wont give me anything other than vicodin and after 5 years it just isnt helping anymore. I'm at a loss and highly frustrated with my medical care if you can call it that, I'm suffering with excruciating pain, I can no longer work because I cannot physically handle it. I understand that with the amount of people abusing drugs that they must be more careful but I do have medically diagnosed conditions and pain.
So, if anybody has any advice or preferrably names of doctors that positively treat pain with pain medication please pass this info on to me! I live in the harrisburg/mechanicsburg area but am willing to drive anywhere in PA (within reason) to get some relief!
Thank You for taking time to read and respond!