I have MS, and central pain syndrome + ptsd. I have been on the patch 100mcg for 7yrs, worked up to it from 50 mcg start 11yrs ago. My pain doc. retired last year, and I was sent to another doc. who does not treat central pain, but being nice he would continue at the current mcg, but cut my breakthrough med. Percocet 1/2. I need to increase, but have no one. It was no longer helping. I ask to quit, and for him to please help me. He refused so... cold turkey it is. I have made it 3 weeks, dealt with the so called hard part (yes it is almost unbearable) now I have the so called Kicking part. This one I can not deal with. It feels like my body has gone insane. I think probably walking would help, but... I am pretty much bed bound last 5yrs from MS. Please, please does anyone have any way to combat this! I am using very hot soaks, heating pad. wrapping my legs in tight tape, seems to help more then anything, but not close to enough. HELP!