I tell ya, I had to go to the ER, tonight, as my left ankle/foot, was swollen, BIG. With all of my pain meds I take, I shouldn't feel nothing, right??? They checked me for blood clots, did some Blood Work and of course, the pee test! I was told all my tests were fine, then gave me the phrase, "You have Arthritis" My jaw dropped. Then they gave me an ace bandage on my ankle and sent me on my way.

What I am having problems with is believing. Where do I begin to research??? I have read a lot of information and still confused. My Mom was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Athritis and Fibromylasia (SP??? ).I know they are both hereditary and don't want to be like my Mom. She suffered ever since I can remember. She also had Asthma and been on a lot of steroids that made her skin like tissue paper.

Does Percocet, Methadone, and other meds that helps with nerve pain, supposed to help with Arthritis???