I have been using Androgel for about a year or so (due to pituitary issues) This is after having brain surgery and 10 weeks of radiation to my pituitary for a benign pituitary tumor.
My question is this - in the last 8 or 9 months, my test results have spiked all over the place, all while maintaining the same basic number of pumps. I've gone from 125 to 1500 and back down to 250. I am at a loss to explain this and the Dr (a good one whom I trust implicitly) now wants to start shots every 2 weeks.
I'd really like to stay on the gel and feel there is " something " going on that I can't quite see or figure out. I apply the gel every morning about 445 am prior to going to work. I always wash my stomach and upper arms, where i apply the gel, in the shower immediately prior to applying it.
Could there be an issue with the type of soap, leaving some sort of residue that dilutes or lessens the gel's effect? Is it the time of day? My doctor has me getting tested (blood drawn for testing) 10 hours after applying it? I would welcome any and all thoughts or suggestions you guys might have!