just curious, I recently started taking lorazepam, was on it for about 2 weeks, then just stopped abruptly, had some wierd and intrusive thoughts, suicidal and otherwise, I have always been outgoing,happy, life of the party, never anxious. I dont think i needed these meds. But since this episode i had after stoppin the lorazepam, i have been having trouble forgetting the things i thought about and even sometimes new things, almost OCD about it. I went to a therapist today, and they suggested i start taking Celexa, i dont feel derpressed at all besides the fact of trying to forget those thoughts, which also gives me a little anxiety. Does Celexa help to keep ur mind from running into maybe unwanted places? Such as in PSTD? Please let me know, im getting off the lorazepam gradually now, hope im off within the next 2 weeks, but im not sure i wanna start this celexa. Thank you