My 16 yr old daughter is scheduled for surgery on June 5th. It is pretty terrifying. Orthognathic surgery that entails several procedures and will take about 6 hours. She will have to have her mouth wired shut for 3 weeks after the procedure and then 3 more weeks of soft food only. Nothing that has to be chewed.
I have been through many surgeries and have been able to overcome some pretty major obstacles. Nothing has ever scared me as bad as knowing the trauma and pain that my sweet daughter is about to face. She is not worried but she's a teenager and doesn't yet understand how difficult this is going to be.
She will have to be fed through a large syringe and/or a zip and squeeze bag with a flexible tube attached. They are sending a machine home with us that has to be used to suction her nasal passages every 2 hours. As far as pain goes they will be putting a Fentanyl Patch on her before she leaves the hospital and giving her liquid Hydrocodone also. This seems like a lot of medication for someone who has never used an opiate. For nausea they will put a patch behind her ear (not sure what med) and give her Zofran to disolve between her cheek and gums.
I am hoping that some of you may have some experience with this type of surgery as I am a basket case. Maybe someone has had this done or knows someone that has. At this point any suggestions or support would be SO appreciated. Thanks for reading this long and emotional question. As always big hugs from Texas.
Love to all -Terri-