I just wanted a little feedback, I usually don't ask many ?'s on here, but getting ready to see my doc/ thought I would ask for any feed back of people that are or who have taken viibryd... I am been under mh for yrs/ yrs..just can't seem to find that med that makes me right... a lot of the ssri's caused me to have akathesia and it was so severe I needed to stop a lot of ssri's do to this condition... I understand viibryd is a newer med, but was wonder has anyone got this condition that has taken it... you can look up the word akathesia if you r not sure what it is..but please anyone who has taken or is now on it any feedback would be greatly appreciated... good or bad... just want to no of people that have been on it or still on it does it make you agitated etc... that you in advance for any/ all replies... your friend... angel1662