I have had xrays and CT scan on my back, especially the lumbar and sacral regions. I get a metastatic skeletal survey done every 6 months to be sure I don't have any new lesions from the multiple myeloma. All of those have been clear and no abnormalities were noted. So, why is my back hurting so much? I know I have sciatica, but it has been pretty much on the left side with minor radiation of pain to the right. Now the pain is in my lower back on the left, right, center, up, down, in my butt cheeks and down my thighs... you get the idea. It hurts alot. It doesn't act up unless I am on my feet for more than an hour. At the grocery store today, I ended up in so much pain that I couldn't carry groceries in or put them away when I got home. Thank God for my grandsons! They took care of it for me. I have neuropathy in both legs, but I guess it could have moved up with this "flare" I've had during the past few weeks. Could my back be spasming? But then, something has to be causing spasming? And then, full circle, the xrays and CT's show nothing wrong. As usual, I'm confusing myself by guessing what is causing my back to become so painful in the last few months. Please tell me I'm not having psychosomatic pain (sp?) because I HATE grocery shopping! That's a new one for the medical books! Grocerphopia or WalMartagoria! I see my PCP tomorrow to have some places on my legs excised. Maybe while he is hacking away on my legs he can ponder my back issues. Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Your befuddled friend,