ly repairable. been on norco for 3 years solid after a finger cut almost amputation. doctor was a close friend, gave me 100 norcos, the yellow 750s.
started with 1 and ended up with 6 a day, 2 every 4 to 5 hours for 3 years. during that time I picked up drinking alchohol with them. minimum 3 coctails a nite. finally one morning woke up with tremendous lower back pain, yellow pee and not feeling to hot. Told myself thats it, started the winging off method, 1 less per day, along with 1 less drink per day. jump forward 3 weeks and i am now on 4th day no norco, did have a coctail last nite to ease whatever your brain thinks. Hellish withdrawls does not even explain what i went thru and still am ? My question, back still hurts bad, yellow pee still even after a gallon of water a day, taking ambian to sleep thru the nite. Is your liver repairable and or is there anything to speed up the healing process ? Is there a medicine for your liver from a doctor or overcounter ? how much time do i need to start feeling better or will i ever ? worst thing I have ever done and the only addiction of my life
a response would be appreciated from someone for I am looking for a solution quickly. thanks to all and good luck. its tough.