Hello to everyone. I have been in treatment for very many years. Amazing when I look back and find myself still here, and plucking away at life so to speak. My question and I have many, but ask for today this one, back in 1993 and 94, I went through a series of ect (treatments). Point that has been proven, is that my memory has been effected. It was only I believe sometime last week, when a discussion came about, with a brother of mine, our days in highschool. As I write this my memory of those days are almost nil. Nothing but trying to bring up memory of only a word. The word is school. highschool rather. Going on a bit here... some years ago I belonged to a group that was anti ect but never became active. I received thier newsletter via snail mail and it ended there. Just wondering if there might be someone here, in this group that might also have had shock therapy, and if so, how good or poor the memory might be. Sad thing, and I'll share this, shock worked wonders, but according to my notes from those days, lasted, the feeling of being free, of the curse of this illness, depression, my nemesis, lasted but not more more than three weeks. Imagine. All the "work" for such a short period of time, then, the damage to my mind, and the illness that never wants to leave me. Beginning to ramble here, so I'll say goodbye and wish you all well and thanks for your ear