I thought that I could deal with this on my own but alas turning inward has negitive results. Chronic anxiety, thinking that I am going 'over the edge'... After seeking out medical help I have just filled a prescription for Zoloft. I am very scared to start on this path of antidepressants but I know that I need help to get my feelings under control.
My question is to anyone that has had any experience with this drug? What might I expect? I am aware that the drug will probably take a few weeks for me to start feeling any effects so how do you deal with the anxiety until then? If this the medication that is best for me, how long will I have to take it. Forever? If you come off of it after you have balanced out, will you just start having the attacks again. I also have trouble sleeping, will the Zoloft help with that also?

Thank you ever so much for any replies.