By my gp to be taken an hour before bedtime. I've been suffering fairly quite badly with anxiety and depression since 2010 following a car accident where I sustained multiple injuries... Broken left humerus which is plated, 6 broken left ribs and a broken sternum. To cut a long story short I spent over 12 to 13 days on a ventilator in icu as I had a pneuthorax due to the breakage of the ribs and puncturing the lung.

I've been taking lorazepam for over a month now and just recently I've been finding myself short of breath... My doctor is in the know how of my car accident in 2010 and knows my injuries sustained as the hospital forwarded my notes to my gp practice.

Now my question is this... Over a period of time I read that lorazepam can cause a pneuthorax in some people... Not in every person but some people.
My question is this as an ex pneuthorax patient if you want to call it should I be prescribed lorazepam given my previous respiratory situation.

I've currently stopped taking the lorazepam but surely given my previous pneuthorax surely I'm at higher risk of having one again?

Could anyone please shed any light on this matter please.

Many thanks