I have a doctors appointment on 2 morrow and I have been on every anti depressant,I am also on xanax 3 times aday,prozac 20 mg,amitriptilyn for sleep,and panic meds for chronic pain.I have been on every anti ,at least twice and this time prozac for about 3 months.My OCD is through the roof ,and my anxiety as well is Through the roof.I am tired and feel like a guiene pig because nothing works.My ocd not only has gotten worse but new OCD habits have popped up and driving me crazy.Please let me KNOW that I am not alone and what will HELP .I also am in thearpy,and see a psycitrist.I need help and support.I feel like its getting worse and driving me crazy.Well am I crazy?I sure feel it .Please respond with any helpful advice from meds u take or took that helped or made worse ,and other stories from or like mine.I need help and support.And This is my first time writing and I am nervous but feel free to get this off my chest .Thank you