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Hello there any stem-cell trials for chirosis of liver?

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Marvell 5 Jun 2012

I'm not aware of any trials happening with stem cell transplant for liver cirrhosis patients. It's best to ask your doctor/specialist. Your specialist should know if their are any trials where they are enrolling patients.

bodemis 8 Jun 2012

My specialist is a fellow and not so keen on the topic of transplants?

Delila 6 Jun 2012

Hi, i tried to answer this question twice recently but my post wasn't approved, probably because i provided a link to a different site? There ARE trials going on. The BBC(UK) posted a report not long ago detailing these trials. Put it in you search box & see what you come up with?

bodemis 8 Jun 2012

Its about time,G.W. Bush held this kinda of research back... free discount card

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