... 2006-april 2013 it was a life saver for me, but I wanted to see If I could ween off of it for pregnancy. I slowly weened off of it in April and did fairly well until this August. I decided to go back onto Escitalopram in September. At the one month mark, I have noticed some great improvements in my anxiety. I am able to sleep again most nights, and have good days. I still have some strange low days. Where I feel really depressed and a bit hopeless. This feeling is worse than when I started the medication. But I know I need to keep pushing forward. My question is: is it normal to still have some really low days when adjusting to this medication, and will this pass? I don't remember how I felt the first time I started this medication, I only remember that one day a light switched on and I felt like myself again. Is it normal to take this long?