I have been on spironolactone 8 years and during that time I no doctor seemed to know why I was on it. I have now been told to stop the drug, but has or could this have damaged my organs? My present gp did not prescribe it it was my previous doctor but the gp I have now and another at same surgery had both at different times asked me why I was on it but both did not do anything till I realised myself that with another drug I take lisinopril I should have had blood tests regular but no one ever did. I am worried of any problems this may have caused me, also am shocked that doctors allowed me to carry on taking it for 8years until I mentioned it to the nurse on my dieabetic review, I felt as though I shouldn't ask questions. And doctor wrote to me asked me to come see her so yesterday I did. When I arrived a pharmacist was present in the surgery with the doctor and doctor said to stop the pill with no explanation. What's happening here? Help and advice needed.