I am still unaware if they are bug bites/stings or pimples on my skin. They do not itch and they generally aren't painful. Only this morning I got one what was like needle pain in the middle of my chest.

The red bumps don't have puss, they are somewhat sensitive to the touch and don't look like acne. I've looked long and far for similar photos but couldn't find anything similar. They are mostly isolated red lumps varying from 3 mm to 1 cm. I only seemed to find them on my upper legs, but yesterday I found some on my chest and on my arms.
I have maybe a total of 12 of these. I never noticed them before, or at least if I had them before I never noticed.
I do have sensitive skin and I have chicken Skin on the back of my upper arms.

Help, I am hugely terrified it could be bed bugs, but since I don't feel itchy, and they are usually maximum 2 maybe 10 cm apart in one area, I like to believe this is not bed bugs. I also looked around my room for any signs of insects, and my search was useless.

I really need help, this is making me very nervous