I am on the Birth Control Lutera. I am a sunday starter. I have a bad case of pregnancy anxiety (extreme actually). I do not want to be pregnant because i am too young. Ive had unprotected sex multiple times in my second month of being on the pill. He also pulls out, although i know that is pretty much not even a method in preventing pregnancy. (To clarify i am not worried about stds because we are both faithful and clear from them) I recently took laxatives and had loose stools. This happened probably 4 hours after taking my pill. I didnt take into account how that could affect my birth control or if it would. I take my birth control faithfully to the minute (only one time have I taken a pill about 2 hours late). I have such nervousness ive decided I dont want to have sex anymore and my boyfriend supports my decision. It is the end of my 2nd month of using birth control and i have taken my 2nd inert pill today.
I guess my question is, do i really need to be concerned about getting pregnant? I just wish i could put my anxiety to rest. I freak out too much! Ah! Thank you for any answers!