I am currently suffering with a uti. I went to the urgent care yesterday as I could not take the pain anymore. I am on bactrim for ten days. Last Sunday is when my bf and I had sex twice... Monday I seemed fine... so that night I drank a sweet tasting beer and had gelato ice cream... then the next day I awoke with a uti! Ugh... I get them often after sex and especially if I drink it eat sweets the day after... I knew better. How long after sex does the bladder usually stay so sensitive?
I began taking cystex pills and Dmannose capsules the next day but work prevented me from drinking a lot of water and peeing... dmannose usually does the trick... is it possible I didnt take it right? 4 caps let them sit then drink water? It started to diminish them yesterday it came back and I couldnt take it anymore!