I had a major back surgery it was an anterior/posterior fusion... have screws, rods, & cages, on L4 & L5, plus degenerative disc disease, I only have one lung, due to cancer, another major surgery, back was "99", lung was "04", had a few other surgeries, but those two were the big ones... I had a stomach hernia that came back 3x, I also have fibro. The lung I have left, has pulmonary fibrosis ( it turns your lung to stone), emphysema, and ofcourse there are nodules there as well, but I am used to that now. My esophagus is allmessed up, they had to stretch it 6x now, I can eat only soft foods, have not had, steak, burgers, hot dogs, nothing like that all summer, also have cancer in my lymphnoid's, the esophagus is real bad, just had a major test done last week, at Hershey Med. Center, have to get the surgery done there as well, I won 't have alot of visitor's, since they will only do it in Hershey, people don't have time to run up there to visit... So as you can tell, I am in major pain from head to toe, each and every day, I started out with tyl 3 w/ codine, b4 my back surgery, that stopped working , so they went to Vicodin, down the ladder you know, next, perc.. MFG. going up & down, etc. then after the lung surgery, ( oh my goodness, it was AWFUL), they started me out on morphine in the hosp. ( a pump), so skip forward to present day... btwn. my stomach, depression, the fibro., the back surgery, that did NOTHING, still have the exact same pain as b4 the surgery, he told me... there is a 25 % chance it will not help. Had to sign a paper, blah, blah... So I listed my pain meds up there, with all of the other scripts I have for stomach, esophagus, back, cancer, etc. etc. My scripts total 33 different scripts, everyday... I deff. take alot of Morphine, I have been taking it since 2005, ofcourse at first, it was very small doses, but after 8 years, they deff. had to keep bumping it up... You see, I take the 15 mg IR, 2 every 4 hours, Then one, 100 mg. & one 60 mg. so that 160 mg. every 6-8 hours, do the math and figure that out. My friends are like, how can u even function,,, I don't really know I take them, I wake up about 4 am every day, if I sleep at all, so a normal day with me taking as directed, I take 700 mg. a day, some days a little more, maybe a little less on other's, so on the average, 700 mg. a day... what r your thoughts, is that way too much, I think it is making some of the things wrong with me, worse... FEEDBACK PLEASE////