I am now going to a pain management clinic instead of my surgeon for pain relief I had spinal fusion on all most my entire spine... inserted 2 rods the length of my spine and 14 screws back in may was because of a disease called kyphosis well they shaved off each disx in my spine. I also have a herniated disc in my very low back with a pinched nerve... well I was taking norco 10/325 for the pain around 6 pills a day he switched me from that to Ms contin 30 mg twice a day with no break through pain meds it does not seem to work at all? I am not getting withdrawal or anything but the pain is there and is not going away I took it thought maybe after a few hours it would kick in seeing it is time released medication well... it didnt and I did not get any sleep last night and woke up this morning and severe pain and hardly could get out of bed. should I just give it a few days and see if adjust in my system? or is there a diffrent reason why it is not working? any and all help would be great