... rca ,,, they put stents in them ,,widow maker 30% doctor left alone 2 other arteries 15% left them alone ,,my question is my blood has not been checked,,, should I b monitored (blood),,, also on blood pressure medicine metoprolol tartrate (25mg) 1/2 pill in morning(12.5mg)1/2 pill evening and aspirin (81mg),,along with atorvastatin (40mg) in evening,,, I am 49 male 200lbs 6' tall ,,, does this sound right ??? Doctor checked me 4 weeks after heart attack 12-6-17 no blood work told me everything seem ok doctor made follow up appointment. For 3 months in march ?? ,,, seem normal ? Wondering and worrying in east Tennessee any info would help thank you ,,, also had heart Cath in wrist