... period after taking it (unfortunately I am a huge idiot and this is not the first time I have taken Plan B - I have never in the times that I have used Plan B started my period after taking it - I just get it normally the next month. Although it does throw off the timing).

Anyways, I took Plan B on 5/13/15, did not get a period, and have now been waiting for my normal period to come. My normal period comes LIKE CLOCKWORK on the 17th of each month. It is now 6/24/15 and it is still not here - however I have gotten all of the normal side affects I experience when I get my normal period - boobs hurt, super emotional, and extreme cramps, as I have endometriosis.

So I am basically just spotting right now and have not had a "real" or "normal" period. Is this spotting from pregnancy? Or is Plan B screwing up my system and just making this period super light/not at all? I am genuinely freaking out and any sort of advise would be amazing. Thank you all - have a good day!