... perform ANY normal activities of life. I don't want to clean house or fix meals or take out trash. I just don't care. I lay in bed and I flip between tv channels. I make myself bathe and go out with my adult son once a week to fast food or Walmart. I currently take no meds for depression. Had a true serotonin syndrome response in Jan 2016 to combination of my cymbalta and newly added buspar with Mucinex for a cold. Had complete psychotic break due to serotonin and ended up in hospital ICU on venilator. I am so limited as to what meds will not cause that same life threatening response. I take Reuip for bad Restless Legs and Abilify blocks all effects of Requip!!! That info is little known fact per my neurologist who specialists in this syndrone! Wellbutrin makes me MEAN. WHATS LEFT??? I have to feel and act human again. Is life this low??? I have gained 30 pounds between trial of Abilify (which helped depression but made restless leg pain unbearable) and Requip (also causes wt gain).